A three room apartment on Ivan Franko street.

The house №43 on Ivan Franko street is located in the center of the city near Shevchenko Avenue. A great idea is to come with your family or friends. Here can accommodate even the six of you (but in this case the price for the apartment will be 60 UAH higher)

Contents of the apartment

A double bed and two sofas.

There is a double bed and two sofas in the apartment on Franko Street. You can find all this stuff is in separate rooms. So there can be six people in this apartment on condition that you won't make noise and disturb neighbours.

The unlimited Wi-Fi Internet

There is a password written in router. So if you have a desire you can use the Internet any time you want.

You can accommodate even threesome.

You can accommodate even threesome but previously informing us. There is a pull-out sofa where you can have a sleep. Of course, you should inform us in advance, because in this case the price is 30 UAH higher..

Cable TV

Watch cable channels and DVDs you are going to bring with you.

twenty-four hours a day hot water

There is a heater which warms up water twenty-four hours a day. That is very convenient as you can take a hot shower any time you want.

a hair dryer, an iron, an electric kettle and other appliances

You can use a hair dryer, an iron, an electric kettle, refrigerator and make yourself feel like it is your home..

Microwave, kitchen utensils

Heat your food in the microwave or cook something homemade. Here you have all the necessary dishes and utensils: pans, pots, plates, forks, etc.

You will get all the things mentioned above for 300 UAH per day . I am sure that you will not find any other apartment of such a high level near the city centre with free Internet access.

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