How to rent an apartment in Lviv - 9 Easy Steps

If you choose an apartment on the site and after your arrival to the city you want to get it exactly, do the following:

To do this, make a few simple steps:

1. First we contact you

You should call me on number (067) 4-505-505 or leave a reservation request

If there left more than two days before your arrival you should leave a reservation request. If you want to come to Lviv tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, you should better call us, because applications are examined only the next day after being left.

2. Reconcile conditions

We will reconcile the date and the time of your arrival, departure and the number of people who travel with you to Lviv. And after that if you inquire about something else you may ask any questions you want.

3. I send you an account for the payment of the Deposit

After we discuss all the nuances, I will send you an e-mail account for the payment of the Deposit for the accommodation. You can pay it in any Bank. Even through the Internet-banking, if you are connected to "Privat24". The size of the Deposit – the cost of the first day of the lease. On the day of your arrival you will pay for the remaining days. There are other more convenient ways of transferring the deposit: webmoney, top up vouchers, etc. But as for me a Bank transfer is best for you, because it is supported by a receipt from the bank that you really transferred me the money for the rent.

4. I confirm that I received money

A day or two after receiving the payment, I will call you and inform of the cash receipt . You should have no difficulties with money order. We have been doing these procedures for four years and we have never encountered similar problems.

5. Come to Lviv – get in touch on the phone

call me – as soon as you arrive at the station. We will agree on the time and place of our meeting.

6. Let's meet near the entrance of the building.

Let's meet near the entrance of the building. I will show you how to use a key or combination lock on the door of the house and I will also help you with your luggage.

7. You are moving into apartment.

I will show you where in the flat bed linen is, how to use heating, the place on the router, where the code from the Internet is written and all-all-all the other nuances that you need to know renting a flat.

8. You pay and I copy your passport data.

You pay for the agreed term of the lease. I copy your passport data. In any case I don't pick up your passport! It is illegal!

9. We agree on the eviction.

We agree with you about the return of the keys of the apartment. From this moment the apartment is at your disposal.