The rules of living in apartments

You can lease out an apartment only if you come from another city. If you are from Lviv– look for other options.  

Why the inhabitants of Lviv may not rent this flat? Because they always create some problems. They either celebrate the day of birth, or are rude to the neighbors, or want to have fun with prostitutes. Understand, for me is better to rent out an apartment at a lower price but normal people than to sit in the police department and be responsible for unscrupulous tenants.

You can rent this flat only with the purpose of residence.

Don't disturb me if you want to organize celebratory parties, conduct business negotiations, photo shoots or intimate meetings.

At check-in you must have a passport.

I copy your passport data. In any case I don't pick up your passport! Do not worry, I am not going to use the data of your passport in my own purposes. But you should understand that I risk more than you. I have scanned and uploaded my documents in this site. How do you think, if I cheat people, could I have worked for 5 years in real estate?

You can’t pay for the apartment by the hour.

I do not know whose idea is to pay by the hour, but I don’t like it and I don’t share this. This is about my moral considerations. Although I lost some money because of this position, but my own principles are more important for me.

Cheques are issued only to those who lived in the apartment.

Money-laundering – is a serious crime. Do not involve me in it.

One day is considered to be twelve hours and it starts from 12:00 am.

If you plan a faster arrival or later leaving, you should arrange this with the operator on the phone. You should realize that it is not always possible to settle you in 7 am in the morning, because in this case the person who rented an apartment before you must be evicted at 6 in the morning or leave the apartment empty at night.

Try not to throw trash in the apartment and smoke on the balcony.

Follow the rules, at least for the fact that other people would not suffer from cigarette smoke.

I do not rent apartments to the minors.

You are over 21 years, so you can easy rent the apartment. But the 18-year-old boy– can do it only with the consent of his parents.

You should not make too much noise in the apartment after 23:00 pm.

If you respect your neighbors, do not make noise and do not bother them, then they will treat you with respect.

Observe the safety regulations.

Follow the rules of residence in an apartment house (close the entrance door, do not throw garbage on the stairs)

You should take your shoes off in the room and wear slippers.

I specially bought Slippers with foam (which repels the fungus) to make you feel more comfortable.

If you damaged the apartment, you are financially responsible for it.

We're adults. I understand that things can break. I just hope for your human attitude to me. But at the same time, if you notice any damage or defects in the apartment (of my fault), – please, boldly mention them, to make me feel ashamed. This will help us to improve the service for the delivery of apartments for the following clients.

If you paid the deposit for the apartment and did not arrived – I do not return you the deposit.

Agree, otherwise what's the point of deposit? In my turn, if I don't rent you an apartment for any reason– I return you twice a large amount, than the deposit, which you have listed me. Or I will give you a better apartment on the same agreed-upon price – of your choice.

That's all the rules and wishes. If you have any objections – please contact me. I will be glad to discuss them with you. Perhaps you will open my eyes to some shortcomings with my hand.