Yaroslav Stetsko Street – a small side street on Shevchenko Avenue

The apartment is located in the centre of the city, Shevchenko Avenue. Internet is available.


A double bed

A wooden double bed, pillows and a blanket.

The unlimited Internet.

You can use the unlimited Wi-Fi Internet.

Cable TV

Approximately 50 channels of cable television. Enjoy the show!

Necessary appliances and kitchen utensils.

There is an iron, a microwave oven, forks, spoons, cups, pots and pans in the apartment. Cook delicious homemade dishes.

Round-the-clock hot water.

Here you can take a shower at any time of day or night. Even if water is disabled in Lviv, you will be supplied by water from the water tank. The water is always hot because there is also a water-heater in the apartment.

Bed linen and two towels

We provide you with a set of laundered bed linen and two towels.


Keep your clothes in a separate cloakroom with a built-in sliding-door wardrobe.

The price of the apartment on Stetsko Street is 290 UAH per day. If you are interested in our offer – leave the booking application, and then I or my colleague will contact you.

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