Transport in Lviv. Taxi

Once off the train at the station "Lviv", get ready to counter the defense!

From different sides you will be attacked by private, not very honest though, taxi drivers. They wait for you on the platform and continue to follow you right to the tram station on the railway station square.

Of course , you can take their offer. But then you will pay at least 40-60 UAH for 2-3 km drive from the railway station to the city centre.

If you want to save at least 30-40 % of the total price you should call a taxi service. Then the drive from the railway station will cost you nearly 25 UAH .

Here are some of the most popular taxi services in Lviv:

+38 067 67 000 86 - taxi"086" - I personally use the service of this company quite often. Those cars are equipped with the counter. It takes only 10 minutes to get to the centre. The disadvantage is that the phone line is too busy around 12 a.m. You will have to dial its number for a few times.

+38 097 243 22 43 - taxi “Sophia”. I have all the bad memories about that taxi company. Sometimes your taxi comes only 20 minutes after your call or a driver doesn’t behave. Once I had a situation when a driver picked another person instead of me.   Maybe the service of this company is better now, I have no idea. I didn’t use its service for 2 years. But my friend uses their service all the time and he doesn’t complain. Probably he has a better luck than I=)

+38 097 944 99 99 - "Ekonom-taxi". There is nothing good or bad I can say about it, as I never used this taxi. But you should write down its number just in case. Maybe you will need it once.